The Bella Coola Valley Learning Society’s CALP serves 6 communities within the 80km long Bella Coola Valley on the Central Coast of BC; Bella Coola, 4Mile reserve, Hagensborg, Firvale, Stuie, and Atnarko.

Our program includes free one-on-one tutoring, group sessions, workshops, volunteer tutor training, and, supported computer access for online learning. This is offered in a non-institutionalized setting to adults of all ages, Aboriginal people, young adults, ESL learners and people with disabilities. Currently, about 40-50 students and 4-6 tutors take part.

Through a personal and sensitive guided path with trained staff and volunteers, we make services easily available. We offer unique programming, in part collaborating with other community groups to grasp learning opportunities in real life situations and events. We also seek to heighten awareness in our communities of the need for literacy skills and how they link to health, the economy and every aspect of our lives.

Increased literacy and numeracy levels will not only build self-esteem for the individual; these skills will build capacity for our communities and play a major role in improving social and economic conditions.

Our goal is to help our adult community members become self sufficient in continual learning to overcome barriers created by low literacy levels which in turn will nourish and strengthen future generations to come. We have a long-standing partnership with North Island College to assist us in achieving our goals.

Family Literacy Fair